A downloadable game

1. Super Unfinished Pinball
I made this game in 8 hours (Super Unfinished Pinball), for Optical Jam #9. Despite being a 5 day jam, I ran into a lot of issues, and was only able to  get 8 good hours in on this project.. LEFT CTRL and RIGHT CTRL for flippers.

2.POST JAM UniversalPinballv0.2Template
I've included a POST JAM in the works project I build from it by stripping down the graphics and improving the mechanics, "Universal Pinball Template" and I will be basing my upcoming series of pinball games on it.  This is open source and I will also be making a tutorial on it at some point for people.

Unity2d Source/Assets for Universal Pinball Template


Super Unfinished Pinball.zip 18 MB
POST JAM UniversalPinballv0.2Template.zip 15 MB


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I love the vibes man. Great work!

Thanks dude!

I only have about 8 hours in the whole game, I think it could be well polished!